Yoga Health Tips

Yoga Health Tips

Yoga is an ancient wisdom from the East, designed to help a person realize their potential. Practicing Yoga develops a meditative mind, a healthy relationship with the body and a connection to the spirit.

Yoga works through a number of simple tools that integrate body and mind together:

  1. Poses – Unique movements. (Asanas)
  2. Breath – a breath “control” guided breathing exercises. (Franeima)
  3. Relaxation – “outside in” physical, mental and spiritual.
  4. Observation – a guided tour known as growth and joy to create change.
  5. Yoga is systematic, simple and does not require prior knowledge.

Yoga is the relationship you have with your body that leaves you feeling inspired to live to your fullest potential. No matter what health we are in, yoga poses help us slow down our thoughts and feel connected, healthy, and living with purpose.

Physical Layer:

  • Yoga helps maintain general health of the joints and spine.
  • Yoga improves stability, strength and flexibility of the body.
  • Yoga strengthens the respiratory system, empowering each of us to be connected and compassionate to what is most important – our inner-self.
  • Yoga regulates the hormonal activity, helps the digestive system and helps us maintain a healthier nervous system.

Body, Mind and Spirit:

  • Yoga promotes relaxation and balance, and trains the mind to concentrate and be in the present moment leading us toward meditation in action.
  • Yoga creates a calm state of consciousness and thought. Meditation is just that, staying present while the action of life continues around us.
  • Yoga helps develop self-awareness and provides inner strength and joy.

Energy Level:

  • Yoga creates balance and flow of “vital force” in the body (Paraná \ chi).
  • Yoga renews proper flow of energy throughout the body.
  • Yoga helps us release energy blockages and create “surplus” energy.
  • Yoga creates harmony in the body, giving you a general feeling of comfort, compassion and peace.

What you do with your body matters. The body and mind are both teacher and student to each other. As an active listener, we create mental and physical health by balancing the knowledge of both. Yoga brings us to observe and take care of ourselves with compassion, enabling us to listen to the intelligence present in each cell of your being – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The ancient teachings of Yoga are based on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The practice is meant for all humans, regardless of age, body condition and religion.

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