Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbal Medicine Miami FLChinese herbs were successfully used for thousands of years well before the advent of modern day drugs, which, unfortunately, only treat the symptoms and do little to address the causes of disease. While science is still studying the benefits of many herbs, history shows that many herbs have beneficial effects and produce exceptional results, often surpassing standard drugs in effectiveness. In addition, herbs do not produce near the known side effects of many of the most popular prescription drugs on the market today. The chemicals used in drugs are foreign substances and the body reacts often with harsh side effects and can become a burden to an already compromised system.

One of the many benefits of Chinese herbs is in their function to enhance the body’s natural ability to fight disease and to help to restore the body’s homeostasis. As a result, they are proven effective in treating illness. Drugs, by their chemical content do not aid the body as a whole, rather only treat a specific problem. The medical community sees the body as made of parts like that of a car. If one part goes wrong, it is immediately addressed through drugs and surgery. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, this approach is faulty because the human body is not the sum total of individual parts. All areas are interrelated and interconnected.

I primarily prescribe multi-ingredient herbal patent formulas corresponding to both the patient’s personal medical concerns and their Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis. These formulas are manufactured in the U.S. at FDA registered facilities, using the highest quality ingredients available. All products are then tested in independent labs to insure purity, safety, and bioavailability. Some herbal formulas that we use are manufactured in China under strict quality controls. These products are then tested in fully certified U.S. laboratories for heavy metals, microbial contamination, and pesticide contamination before they ever make it into my office. Organic ingredients are used as often as possible, and we do not purchase or prescribe herbs that contain common allergens or endangered species.

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Note: Due to COVID-19, certain herbal formulas, supplements, and essential oils are inaccessible at this time. With increased demand for these products, many are currently out of stock. We do strongly encourage you to take advantage of telehealth appointments so that you can safeguard your ability to receive your herbs. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we do our best to remedy this situation.