How Homeopathy and Homeopathic Therapies are Used to Treat Many Disorders and Conditions.

Homeopathy is derived from a medicinal system known as the Law of Similars. This law has been tested and studied clinically many times over the last 200 years and has been proven true.

Homeopathic Treatment in Miami at MiamiAcupunctureClinic.comTo see how this Law goes, an example is a child who inadvertently eats poisons, some people may tell you to give Syrup of Ipecac to the boy to allow the boy to vomit out the poison.  Ipecac is made out of a South American plant called Ipecacuanha and means  plant growing on the road that causes one to vomit.

Some people who do volunteer work in South America tried out this syrup and discovered that it also produces other effects in the body.  The syrup caused the retaining of abundant saliva and the tongue became clean.  The syrup induced a forceful coughing that caused vomiting and gagging.  Nausea was also experienced and the vomiting did not help to mitigate the nausea which usually does when finishes vomiting.

This experience showed what the drug can do.  The effect of the drug does have clinical applications in that help lessen the discomfort of morning sickness with nausea that is not easily relieved with vomiting in pregnant women.  A small dose of Ipecacuanha given by a pharmacist of homeopathy following FDA regulations can help relive this type of morning sickness.

Samuel Hahnemann 1755-1843
Samuel Hahnemann 1755-1843

In 1790 when using himself as the guinea pig experimenting with cinchona, Hahnemann made the discovery of the “law of similars” – this being the method of action of homeopathic remedies: the remedy heals exactly the same symptoms it can generate when taken by a healthy person. This is how homeopathy was born and has lasted for over 200 years now.

The Clinical Use Of Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a medical approach very different from conventional medicine. Conventional medicine is based on the idea that symptoms are the objects treatment focuses on to fix the health problem, which obviously is an epic failure since symptoms are called symptoms because they point or indicate at an underlying problem that gave rise to these symptoms after all.

Homeopathy on the other hand, sees symptoms as indications of the body wanting to return to its natural balanced state. Homeopathic treatment is geared towards helping the body self heal and helps improve immune functions instead of merely taking care of the symptoms or killing germs.

With homeopathy, one does not a specific diagnosis to help treat a wide range of functional problems. Finally, homeopathic treatment is absolutely safe for use with no side effects to the body.

Together with Chinese herbal formulas, we also give out homeopathic remedies as a means of treatment for various kinds of illnesses. Our products are offered  in gels or creams, tinctures, pills and even injectables. The products we use come from GUNA and HEEL, which means we use only the best homeopathic medicine available in the market today.

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“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame and in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

— Thomas Edison.