Combining Acupuncture and IVF in Miami to Improve Clinical Outcome

Acupuncture for fertility is time tested, free of side effects and risks to the  mother and baby. Needless to say Acupuncture is one of the most effective alternative medicines proven to increase your fertility chances by 50%-70%.

It has been proven that acupuncture contributes to a good outcome in an IVF cycle by:

  • increase ovarian responsivity
  • increase estrogen levels if they are low
  • enhance follicle/egg quality
  • improve sperm vitality
  • relieve side effects of drugs
  • increase endometrium thickness where it is too thin
  • increase implantation rates
  • increase growth of new blood vessels in the uterus (which increases a  viable pregnancy)
  • increase the ATP & antioxidants in the mitochondria of the embryo to enhance development & implantation

During an IVF procedure most women report having stress, anxiety, abdominal pain, lack of sleep and more caused by hormonal stimulation. This can be detrimental to embryo collection and implantation. Stress has a negative impact on the uterine receptivity reducing implantation site. Lack of sleep affects cytokins by creating high levels of IL6 and tumor necrosis factor which are immune factors that can impact implantation of the embryo and placental development.

For this reason, specialists in In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) highly recommended acupuncture during IVF cycles and after embryo collection due to the fact that acupuncture has been proven:

  • alleviate the side effects of medical treatments and improve response to   hormonal stimulation.
  • improve the blood flow to the uterus and ovaries.
  • alleviate tension which is caused by these extremely stressful procedures.
  • relax the uterus before implantation.
  • restore normal blood flow to the uterus and reproduction organs
  • settle down any tissue trauma
  • reduce effect of internal bleeding
  • reduce swelling of the ovaries
  • promote circulation to the lining of the uterus

The Benefits of Acupuncture and IVF

The following video discusses the benefits of acupuncture used with IVF

Preconception Care & Diet

The following video is a clip from the Today Show where Dr Dao from Santa Monica, California was interviewed on the importance of Preconception care and eating for fertility.

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