What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy Miami FLMesotherapy, made popular in the 1950’s by a French doctor named Michel Pistor involves the painless administration of amino acids, medications, minerals and vitamins just beneath the skin surface.  This natural treatment form has a wide range of uses some of which is for hair regrowth, neck and face rejuvenation, cellulite reduction and weight loss.  The solution prepared then depends on what it is used for.

Mesotherapy in Miami is applied directly to the target area and this helps lessen the rise of unwanted drug interactions and side effects as well as helps cut down on the quantity of medications used per treatment.

As a weight loss therapy, mesotherapy is quite a vital and unique tool. Unique because the production of fat cells is controlled by disrupting the signals that Mesotherapy For Weight Loss Miami FLcommand the accumulation of fat accumulation and at the same time stimulating the release of fat stored in the body.  The area of treatment depends on the patient usually applied on the patient’s area of concern.  In addition to the treatment recommendations of nutrient and dietary recommendations are given to the patient to help keep the already achieved desired weight.

Mesotherapy is also called “Biopuncture” or Homeopathic Injection Therapy.  It is about applying homeopathic substances into sites in sites in the body called acu-points. The word Biopuncture combines the word biotherapeutics with acupuncture.

The injections are applied in the muscles or under the skin.  The latter is absorbed by the mesodermal part of the skin.  The products we use are 100% guaranteed safe, effective, all-natural, FDA approved and are products from GUNA and HEEL.  Mesotherapy also can be used for cellulite reduction and the relief of pain.

Before & After Mesotherapy

What Parts Of The Body Are Treated With Homeopathic Injections?

Those who are scared of injections may be surprised to know how painless and quick these injections are. The injections given for mesotherapy are nothing like those used for conventional medicine.  The needles used for mesotherapy are very thin and the injections may entail just a few shots.  The depth of the injection just barely breaks the surface of the skin while for some treatments the injections target certain joints or muscles.  Usually, however, a number of injections are applied in certain areas of the body per session.

The materials used for Homeopathic Injection Therapy are mild and safe unlike the chemicals in pharmaceuticals such as cortisone and painkillers.  Since the products are mild three or several more sessions are needed to begin to see any positive effects.  An individual who have dealt with problems for many months or years may have problems that may entail longer treatment and normally over ten sessions are recommended for these types of conditions.  For individuals who are conscious of what they put in their bodies, the good news is that these are natural products that do not have any serious side effects.  This therapy lasts longer than conventional methods and it addresses deeper level problems in the body, strengthens the immune system of the body and assists the body in the path to self-healing.

Biopuncture Effectiveness And Safety

BiopunctureBiopuncture is always practiced in accordance with the most up-to-date safety and technical standards.  The procedures include using disposable and sterilized equipments to prevent the occurrence of cross infection and of the injection procedure and technique.

With the injection ampoules set to low doses of  homeopathic products, the occurrence of side effects are greatly minimized. The ampoules are inspected and approved by the FDA and follow ultra tight quality control systems and regulations.  This means that the process of production and the products conform to modern day standards safety and quality.

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